Commitment of Traders Report & Chart Sep 9, 2014

COT Chart LogoCommitment of Traders Chart

COT Combined Financial Futures and Options Positions Data as of September 9, 2014 at

COT Report

COT Chart LogoCommitment of Traders Chart

COT Financial Futures and Options Data as of September 2, 2014 at


The latest report shows a fairly muted stock index market. For our core of "smart" money most of the markets showed either a modest 1 or 2% increase or deceline. Looks like traders were not convinced to either add, change or remove positions.

Global Interest Rates And News -September 4, 2014

globalWorld Interest Rates Today

Many FX traders look at interest rate differentials between currencies of countries as a major fundamental factor in determining international money flow.It also plays a part in calculating the roll rate of forex traders who hold currency pair trades past the daily settlement. BBFX and Back Bay Futures has compiled this Global Interest Rates Map that shows the primary currency markets and shows recent changes in rate policy.

Canadian Dollar Market Commentary

technical analysis

COT Commentary and Analysis

COT Chart LogoCommitment of Traders Chart

COT Financial Futures and Options Data as of August 26, 2014 at

Futures Option Implied Volatility Rankings

Futures Options Implied Volatility Rankings

I thought I would share this great comparision tool for options that I receive on a daily basis from CTA Bob Roslansky of Solid Rock Solutions, Inc.  If you have questions or would like to receive this by email please feel free to contact me and I can have you added to his distribution list.

COT Chart

Commitment of Traders Chart

Financial Futures and Options Data as of August 19, 2014 at

Canadian Dollar Market Analysis


Market Analysis by Frank Benvenuto August 25, 2014

The September Canadian Dollar has been range bound between 91.00 and 92.00 since July 30th, with the September Futures trending lower and trading just above 91.00 as of this writing. If the market begins trading below 91.00 the next level of support is between 90.50 and 90.00 area.
Moves to the upside will meet resistance between 91.75 and 92.00.

COT Chart and Commentary for Financial Futures and Options as of August 8 2014

COT Chart as a Heatmap

Financial Futures and Options Data as of August 8, 2014 at

Trading Calendar of Holiday Trading Hours for Labor Day

labor-day-holidayBack Bay Futures Trading Calendar

Labor Day 2014 Trading Hours

Monday September 1, 2014 is the US holiday Labor Day.
Here is a list of futures markets that have early closes along with closures and re-open times for Labor Day Weekend.
All times listed will be Central Time (Chicago)


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